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What parents think of our school

Comments from the parent questionnaire November 2021 

And below a PDF summary of the questionnaire results.


'I think Cherry Hinton is a very good school, there is a lovely balance between learning and social development.'


'Seeing the Head at the gate daily is testimony to how devoted she and the teachers are to ensuring that children feel supported and cared for, thus enabling them to fulfil their potential.' 


'Children are encouraged to develop their individuality and creativity as well as their core skills.'


'Very inclusive approach. Welcoming attitude. Positive environment.'


'The school tries hard to instil the value of Agape.'


'My children have thrived and have benefitted from the wide range of clubs, school trips and activities in addition to core teaching activities.'  


'The teaching staff are easy to approach if parents have any concerns.'


'School is good with both academic and spiritual values.'


'...there is always a lovely atmosphere in school of purposeful work, but also warmth and friendliness and fun.' 


Summary of parent questionnaire results