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Early reading

In Nursery we start children on their reading journey.

We want every child to learn nursery rhymes and traditional stories during their time in nursery.

 The children are encouraged to see themselves as story tellers too and acting out their own dramas on our outdoor stage.

We want to develop a love for reading in your child. We share stories, information books and rhymes every day and lots of activities and talk start from a book.

Listening is a huge part of early reading skills so we endeavour to develop these skills on a daily basis.

In the phase 1 stage of our phonics programme children learn to hear and recognise:

  • Environmental sounds.
  • Instrumental sounds.
  • Body percussion (e.g. clapping and stamping)
  • Rhythm and rhyme.
  • Alliteration.
  • Voice sounds.
  • Oral blending and segmenting (e.g. hearing that d-o-g makes 'dog')


The chart below shows the pictures linked to each letter sound that they will learn in Reception:




Have an explore below of the games which will give your child a good grounding in listening and sound differentiation, ready for reading.

Can you say the words and spot the odd one out?