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To help with our spelling this term we have been using the methods below.


Rainbow writing

Using coloured pencils in different ways to make spelling the word more memorable. You can make the tricky parts one colour or highlight them.



Pyramid Spelling 

This is where we look at each letter of the word separately. Adding the next letter as we go down a line.










Look, say, cover, write and check.


Look: first look at the whole word carefully and if there is one part of the word that is difficult, look at that part in more detail.


Say: say the word as you look at it, using different ways of pronouncing it if that will make it more memorable.


Cover: cover the word.


Write: write the word from memory, saying the word as you do so.


Check: have you got it right? If yes, try writing it again and again. If not, start again - look, say, cover, write, check.


Phonics throughout Autumn 1 


You can follow along with the sounds and words that we will be looking at in Phonics with the document below. Practice the sounds and spelling the different words at home using the different spelling techniques above.

Year 2 High Frequency Words

Writing Stimulus

When he got to the top of the water and took a refreshing breath of air as he was keeping his body completely still, he glanced around the swamp with large, green eyes.

A few moments later, he slipped his enormous body under the water once again, and slithered off in search of food…


What is it that is swimming in the swamp?

What is the swamp like?

What happens next?


Can you write a 2A  Alan Peat sentence using the photo and story? Use the example below to help you.