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Writing Stimulus - Left Behind

Story Starter

“You can’t leave without me! Where are you going?” The words came out like a squeak; her throat felt tight as she struggled to fight back the tears that had begun to roll down her cheeks beneath her helmet.


A feeling of overwhelming panic and despair filled her trembling body as she drifted through the darkness. How could it all end this way? Why had this happened to her? How could things have gone so wrong?


Continue the story


Think about:


Who is the person in the picture?

How did she end up there?

In what way(s) have things gone wrong for her?

Why is she feeling panic and despair? Why might these feelings be ‘overwhelming’?

What will she do next? Will the spacecraft turn back?

Why has it left without her?


Use some Alan Peat Adjective, same adjective sentences in your story.