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Writing Stimulus - The Ambush!

Story Starter

So far, her plans had all been successful. The journey had been relatively straightforward, she'd found the perfect spot and even the unpredictable weather had behaved itself!


Her eyes darted around as she admired the beauty that engulfed her for the night.


Just as the deep, welcome sense of relaxation began to wash over her, she heard a faint rustle. She heard a low rasping sound of breathing. Due to her tiredness, she had failed to notice the danger until it was too late...


Think about:

Whose feet are they?

Who made the journey - the tiger or the person?

What were the plans that were successful?

What is the danger - the human or the tiger?

What will happen next?


Use some Alan Peat _____ing, ______ ed  sentences to go with this picture.



Try writing the adventure story. Use some Alan Peat sentences to practise your sentence skills and add interest.