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Computing curriculum statement– Intent, Implementation and Impact


At Cherry Hinton Primary School, we want our children to know how to use computers and other devices safely, effectively and confidently. We want them to have secure understanding of and skills with computer science and coding, as well as the ability to use a range of information technology to solve problems. We also want our children to be responsible, digitally literate users of technology, who know how to keep themselves and others safe, can think critically about what they read or see online, and don’t allow technology to dominate their lives.


To develop children’s computer science skills, we…

  • Develop children and adults’ skills in coding, and give everyone the chance to code on different platforms, including on Purple Mash and Scratch.
  • Have opportunities to analyse problems in computational ways, even when not using computers.
  • Give children the appropriate vocabulary to talk about computers, and make sure this is understood.

To develop children’s information technology skills, we…

  • Give children opportunities to use different programs and technology for different purposes, and ensure they have the skills to use these effectively, including through different programs on Purple Mash.
  • Have opportunities to use technology to solve problems and present work in other areas of the curriculum.
  • Have a range of technology available within school for children to use.

To enable children to be digitally literate users of technology, we…

  • Have clear rules and expectations around the use of technology.
  • Ensure children know how to keep safe online, and what to do if they are uncomfortable.
  • Make children aware of their own responsibilities online.
  • Give children opportunities to question and critique what they see, hear or read online.


Children enjoy computing and are confident users of technology who can use computers to research, create, present and problem-solve. They know how to keep safe and behave appropriately online. We know what we do has an impact through…

  • Monitoring and assessing children’s computing work.
  • Opportunities for staff, pupil and parent voice about computing.
  • Monitoring of incidents around online safety and bullying.

May 2021