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The School Day from September 2023

The Department of Education wants all schools to ensure they are offering children 32.5 hours of schooling a week from September.

For Reception to Year 6 the school day is as follows:

8.45 – school gates open and registration starts.

8.55 – school gates close after which children will have to enter via the school office.

9am –registration closes after which time your child will be registered as late using the L code.

9.05 – your child will be registered as U – unauthorised for whole morning session. The minutes late will be counted and you will be informed of the amount of learning time lost.

In the morning, children will have a break from 10.35-10.50. Reception and KS1 lunchtime will be from 12-1, KS2 lunchtime from 12.15-1.

The afternoon session will start at 1pm and end at 3.15 for everyone. The school gates will open just before 3.15 for pickup.