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Writing Stimulus - The Tomb!

Story Starter

Sam had been digging all morning with a team of fellow archaeologists. Countless tons of dirt and sand had been removed. At first, the mechanical diggers had done their bit, to be followed by spades and shovels. Now, as the team neared their prize, their tools became trowels and delicate brushes.

          Hours of sweat and toil in the blistering heat had brought little reward as yet, but things were about to change. Sam stood in front of what would be the most significant discovery of the century, and gently began to untie the knot, which looked rather like a hand, that had sealed the door for thousands of years...


Think about:

Who is Sam and what is their job?

What is a tomb?

What is Sam and the team expecting to be discovered?

How do you think they are feeling as they stand in front of the door?

What might they find inside?


Use some Alan Peat Emotion word, (comma) sentences to go with this picture

Try writing the rest of the story. Will it be adventurous, humorous or scary?

Use some Alan Peat sentences to practise your sentence skills and add interest.