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Year 2

Welcome to Chestnut class

Summer 2 2021
Class teachers
Mrs Helen Pearce – MON TUES WED

Mrs Barbara Rodel – WED THURS FRI

Dear Chestnut class children and parents,


We hope you enjoyed your half-term holiday and the long awaited sunshine. Our PE days will be Tuesday and Thursday this half term. Please bring the homework to school by Friday 16th July.

We look forward to all the learning we will enjoy together.

Our trip to Wicken Fen

Tree art

Here are our beans and our plant investigation.

Home Learning Summer Term

English writing stimulus

Use the picture above to practise your list sentences. (Alan Peat)

For example: The river was deep, murky, muddy and steaming in the midday heat.

You could also practice non fiction list sentences about African animals. Elephants eat grass, plants and bushes.

Alan Peat SentencesUse the picture above to practise your list sentences.



English writing stimulus

Alan Peat sentences

Use the picture to write and practice sentences with B.O.B.S (but or because so)

The dogs ate the biscuits because... They were really small but... Were the biscuits magic or... The dogs had grown so...                BOBS sentences

BOBS sentences use the conjunctions but, or, because, so:

General examples:

The princess was intelligent, but she was scared of the witch.

The princess had to stay in the tower, or the witch would cast a spell.

The witch was smiling, because she felt powerful.

The princess was frightened, so she did as she was told.




Alan Peat sentences introduced in year 2

Question time!

What had happened when Brian fed the biscuits to his dogs?

How quickly did they grow to this size do you think?

Did Brian give the biscuits to anything/anyone else?

Have the creatures stopped growing?

How will Brian keep them as pets?

What are the benefits/problems with having such enormous pets?

Is there a way for Brian to restore his animals to their original size?

Story starter

Brian had often bought things from the market that had turned out to be not quite how they seemed.

These dog biscuits certainly gave him a surprise! One morning...

Home Learning Spring Term