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Writing Stimulus - Settler or Invader?!

Story Starter

The children stared in disbelief at the object in the sky. 

      Several days earlier, Belinda and Martin had discovered a metallic-looking artefact in the long, wavy grass of the field close to their home. As Belinda picked it up, the movement seemed to start it whirring inside and multicoloured lights began flashing in a repeated pattern. Martin was curious and began pressing the buttons. 

      Suddenly, a strange-yet-familiar voice began speaking...


Think about:

What is the object? Where has it come from?

What could the pattern be for?

How could the voice be familiar and still strange? Who is speaking?

What have the children been doing with the artefact since they found it?

What will Belinda and Martin do?


Use some Alan Peat Noun, which/where/who sentences to go with this picture.

Try writing the adventure story. Use some Alan Peat sentences to practise your sentence skills and add interest.