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Curriculum Review Year 1 Summer Term 2

Miss Dawkins the amateur gardener....

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Silly Billy

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Hello Year 1, This is my last story post for the term. I hope you have enjoyed watching them, I've had fun making them. This story is all about a little boy, Billy, who has lots of worries and he doesn't know what to do. Then some special people come along and help him. If you'd like to have a go at making your own worry dolls, you can follow the link below. I've got a whole village living in my house now!

Have a wonderful summer everyone and see you in September.
Lots of Love
Mrs Gratwick


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Hello everyone, this week my story is about a sweet-munching monster. I had a go at drawing Smidge, before he started eating sweets. If you’d like to draw your favourite picture of him, I’d love to see it. Enjoy! 😀

Poo in the Zoo

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Hello everyone, look what has happened in my house! I was so horrified that I thought I would read you a story about someone else who has to clean up a lot of poo! Hope you enjoy it.
Take care
Mrs Gratwick 😀

I've Broken My Bum

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Hello everyone,
So the story this week is about a little boy who BROKE HIS BUM! How funny is that? I bet you can't wait to see how he broke his bum. I've also added another video below which introduces a drawing club activity. If you would like to have a go, I'd love to hear/see your responses. You can now email me your pictures and writing through your purple mash account. Have fun and take care from Mrs Gratwick

I've broken my bum-drawing club.mp4

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Spider Sandwiches

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Hey Year 1,
How are you all doing this week? I'm missing seeing you all so I thought I'd read you another story. This story is all about a monster called Max who likes to eat disgusting things. If you were a monster, what disgusting food would you eat or would you only eat delicious food? If you want to write to me about what you would eat, I'd love to hear your suggestions. Take care. Mrs Gratwick

There was an old lady who swallowed the sea

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Hello year 1. So this weeks post is the crazy story of the lady who swallowed the sea! She is bonkers if you ask me. If you would like to join in singing with me and my helper, I’ve popped the words at the end of the video. What sea creatures would you swallow if you were in the sea? Would you swallow them whole or eat them in small pieces? How do you think you’d feel afterwards? If you’d like to write your own story about swallowing things, I’d love to hear your ideas. Take care. Mrs Gratwick
Welcome to Olive Class!
Class teacher: Miss Rebecca Dawkins(Tuesday to Friday)
Teaching cover  Mrs Sonia Gratwick(Monday)

                  P.P.A.cover Mrs Sonia Gratwick(Thursday p.m.)

TA's and Support Staff: Mrs Mandy Wayne, Mrs Sandra Eastwood, Mrs Debbie Rees ,Mrs Lisa Cane



Summer Term 2 2020

Remote Learning 1/6/20-26/6/20

 Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope you are well and safe. Here is your home learning work for the next 4 weeks, which you should work on for an hour or two each day.

  For each week you have : English, Maths and Topic



For each week you have:

4 English Tasks to do in your exercise book:

(Work through one week of tasks each week)









Weeks 9 and 10 Week beginning 22/6/20 to 3/7/20

Weeks 10 and 11 Week beginning 6/7/20 to 17/7/20

We hope you enjoy these stories. The first one is about a naughty pixie called Pippety and the second one is about Sidney the lonely spider!



It is essential that your child reads every day. 

It is also important that your child practises reading and spelling the

Year 1  100 high frequency words in their reading record.

These websites give access to an online library with a range of different reading levels.



This website has a range of games so your child can practice all the sounds from year 1

Phonics Plan Summer 2 2020


4 Maths Tasks to do on a worksheet and a Friday challenge (follow link) :

Do your best on each sheet, but you don't have to finish it if you're finding it difficult or it's taking a long time. Start from week 2.


White Rose Maths Summer Term starting at Week 2 

Find the videos, worksheets and answer sheets and Friday challenge by going here and clicking the topic pink bar, Summer Term 2

(The worksheets are also available underneath.)




Alternative Maths Week 7

Week 10 Lesson 2 (amended)

You can find even more lessons for other subjects on BBC Bitesize if you want to

Online Purple Mash Tasks:

(call or email the school if you can’t log in)


Online Times Tables Rockstars Tasks:

(call or email the school if you can’t log in)

Summer 2 Topic Work 2020

Year 1 Classroom Risk Assessment 1/6/20

YEAR 1 P.E. DAYS Tuesdays and Fridays
It is essential to bring indoor and  outdoor full P.E. kits every day and keep them in our P.E. box provided please. This includes a hooded top, jogging bottoms and outdoor trainers or plimsolls. We do P.E. in all weathers! We also participate in A.C.T. Active every afternoon so old trainers are useful! 




Please practise the 100 spellings (high frequency words) for KS1 Year 1. 


Please practise writing the small (lower case) letters of the alphabet. Remember the leads into the letters. Try to write some short words and sentences using these letters. Don't forget the capital letter and full stop.Now we are in our second term of Year 1, we are working on writing more short sentences in our work.

A winter's walk at Cherry Hinton Hall 2020

Topic Question homework

"Was the Great Fire of London really GREAT?"

Create an impression of fire and flames using materials of your choice


Create a model or collage of a tudor half timbered house.




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