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Welcome to Reception!

Oak Class

Class teacher: Miss Hannah Goodman
TAs: Miss Elaine
Lunchtime Assistants: Miss Elaine

PPA Cover: Mrs Gratwick

If you would like to hear how we pronounce the sounds that we teach the children, please scroll down and find the link to the "Articulation of Phonemes" video below the text on this page. If you would like to know more about how to help your child read at home, take a look at the "Parents EasyPeasy and Reading Meeting.pptx" powerpoint above, which we share at our reading meeting at the beginning of the year. 

We are using this class page to share information, and photos, so do check it regularly. It will be updated about once every half term.

Class Routines

Please click on the link below entitled "Information and Routines for Reception Year.doc" to find out more. The link entitled "Welcome to Reception Booklet.pdf" will also have further information about the Reception Year.

Please get your child to change their reading book every morning.

Please choose a new library book every week, signing it out and returning the previous one as you do so.

Your child needs a water bottle in school every day.

Please NAME shoes, wellies and all clothing to help your child find their things if they go missing.

Please send your child to school in WEATHER APPROPRIATE CLOTHING, (sun hats and with cream applied on warm sunny days, a raincoat and with wellies in a bag if it has been raining or rain is forecast.)

The Reception Gate opens at 8.45am, and closes at 9.00am. Please be vigilant for your children’s safety before the doors are opened in the morning and after they open at the end of the school day. This is especially important when your children are on climbing equipment. Toys in the outdoors and covered area are kept safe and tidy, please leave them packed away after school, ready for staff to set up for the children in the morning.

Homework: From October to February we are taking part in EasyPeasy and we encourage you to complete the game suggestions each week, adapting them as necessary. We will also send home regular updates about what the children have been learning on tapestry and often at the end of the week. Please watch out for n.s.= on your child's tapestry account this means "your child's next step is", and should give you an idea of how to help them at home.

If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to one of us briefly in the morning. If you need more time you can make an appointment to see the class teacher in a Monday Surgery session.

We are encouraging the children to be more independent. You can help by asking them to put their own things away in the morning. We are also encouraging them to assess their own safety when they are climbing trees and using our outdoor den building equipment. We ask them questions such as:

  • Are those branches strong enough to hold you?
  • Can an adult reach you if you get stuck?
  • Can you get down safely? If not don’t go that high
  • Can you lift it on your own or do you need a friend to help?
  • Did you bend your knees? (why do you need to bend your knees when you lift?)
  • Are you looking forwards? (don’t walk backwards)
  • Are you holding the stick pointing to the sky?

Our Learning This Half-Term

You can find out which phonemes and maths the children will be focusing on each week during this half term, by clicking the link for

"Phonics and Number Spring 1st half.pdf" above.


Our topic title this half term is all about explorers. The children have chosen to explore the topic of outer space, so we'll be finding out about planets, stars, astronauts, asteroids. We'll also be doing some imaginative work about aliens - please be clear with your child at home which parts of our space topic are made up and which are real. In addition to having a  broad topic to keep things moving, we also follow the children's interests fairly closely, so our topics are flexible. If it's frosty weather, we'll be doing some experiments with ice and freezing/melting things. Click on the pdf document above, entitled "Explorers Topic.pdf" to find out more about what is being covered in this topic. There is also "Space Word Mat.pdf" to give you an idea of some of the vocabulary that you can discuss with your children to help them with this half-term's topic. We've already been using some of the following words: orbit, planet, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, moon, stars, sun, constellation, space station, astronaut, asteroid, crater, telescope.

This half term we're going to Cherry Hinton Hall Park on Tuesday 4th February from 9am-11:30am-ish- if you are able to come with us, we'd love to have you with us, please let Miss Goodman, know as soon as you can. We will also be taking part in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch, 25th/26th/27th January, and we're having a stay and play linked to this first thing on Friday 14th Feb. 


Dates for your diaries this half term are:

Every Tuesday - Reading in class 8:45-9am, all parents/carers welcome

Every Tuesday PE with Mr Whiffen

4th Feb - Morning class trip to Cherry Hinton Hall Park 9am

14th Feb - 8:45 RSPB stay and play



The section at the very bottom of this page is full of stories and songs that the children have been enjoying.



If any of the links on this page do not work - please let us know in school, there is an occasional technical hitch, which we would be eager to solve if it ever crops up. 
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