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New to the UK?


The information on this page is for families new to the UK, who are looking for a school. We understand that moving to a new country can be difficult but also an adventure!


To find out which school is near your new home follow this link


Each school has a catchment area. This is the part of a town, village or city that the school will take pupils from. You may live in the catchment area of more than one school or be close to other schools. 


When you find a school you are interested in you can call them and arrange a visit and a meeting with the headteacher.


To find out more about how good a school is you can look at the Ofsted report. You can look at the SATS results. SATS results are tests that all primary children take in their last year of primary school. You can find all this information on the school's website. 


What is the difference between a church school and a non-church school? 

In the UK there are different kinds of schools. Cherry Hinton is a church school. This does not mean it is a faith school. It does not mean that we expect all children to be Christians, nor do we try to convert them to the Christian faith. Church schools in England are usually some of the oldest schools, set up by Christians a 100 or more years ago, to help children learn. These schools were then taken over by the Government. Having church schools gives parents more of a choice of primary school. Church schools have a strong sense of community and teach values to support children to be happy in the world of today. 


Looking at school websites will give you lots of information about what the children are learning and about the school community. 


Other information about applying for a primary school can be found in the document below. Or you can call the school office on 01223 568834. Also, you can come and visit the school office where we will be happy to help you.