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ACT Active

ACT ACTIVE - everyday at 2pm the entire school goes outside for ACT ACTIVE. For 15minutes we run, walk, jog round the school field, usually to music. 

It is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy being outside together and to share an activity that makes us fitter, healthier and happier. It is also a chance for children to ACT OUT our school values; to encourage others, to challenge themselves or others, to support others. 


Here's what we think of ACT ACTIVE:

I like running and it’s a big place to run so I like running with my friends because it’s really fun.

I like to play Act Active during break time too so we run around at break time. It makes me feel like I have more energy to run.

I like that I can run really fast.

I like that we can talk to Year 6.

I like knowing where we are on the challenge because I support Liverpool and we are at Liverpool football stadium.

I like having music as it refreshes our mind and gets us out of tricky situations.

I like chatting in act active, just running straight is boring.

It’s good because I get to walk and talk with my friends.

It’s really good to have that break between lessons.

I like it because it’s a good time for racing since you’re meant to run.