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Year 4

Time Flies!


Welcome back Cherry Class!

It's still the Autumn Term and the weather is mostly mild, but we are truly experiencing the changeable nature of the British climate.

We strongly suggest your child brings something warn and waterproof to wear 'just in case', even when the sun is out. 

The children are able to fill up bottles from the drinking water tap in class whenever they need to, but do ask that it is in a bottle that won't spill everywhere if it is knocked over when on their table.


Below, you will find information that I hope you find helpful and this page will be updated with any changes as we go.

Class teacher: Miss Hnat

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Dutton, Mrs Caldecoat and Mrs Misik

PPA teacher: Mrs Hill

Music teacher: Mr Ecclestone

Sports coach: Mr Chris


We have PE on Mondays (Dance - inside) and Wednesdays (Tennis - outside) 


We are still asking that the children come to school dressed in PE kit suitable for the lesson on that day.


Our PE lessons are inside on Mondays and outside on Wednesdays this half term, so we ask that the activities ares considered. Layers are preferable, as they keep the children warmer, whilst still being removable as they and the weather warm up.


Earrings and watches must be removed for PE (as stated in our policy, jewellery other than watches should not be worn to school) and long hair tied back. If your child cannot remove or put in their own earrings, please remove these for your child before school on PE days.

If your child is unable to participate in a PE lesson for a medical reason, an adult must communicate this to school. 


Drinks and snacks - We encourage the children to stay hydrated by having their water bottles on the table with them throughout the day. They may top them up from the drinking water tap in class whenever needed

Snacks of fruit (or veg) may be eaten outside during morning break.

Reading! This is part of our homework expectation.

Reading with your child for even a few minutes a day helps them to develop their love of reading as well as their confidence in learning generally. In Year 4 your child should be reading for 20 to 30 minutes each day at home. Of course they may read more, but this is a minimum amount of homework. 


Why not let your child see you reading for pleasure and discuss your books together!


The Reading Record should be kept up-to-date and we ask the children to fill it in as they go, making comments and observations about their thoughts before they move onto another book. We welcome your observations about their reading and book discussions in the Reading Record too.


The children are also expected to note unknown vocabulary in their Reading Record, along with the meanings. You might discuss this with your child or direct them to a dictionary (online dictionaries too!). It is important to revisit the story afterwards so that the full meaning of the story is understood. 

This is part of the expected homework.


If you run out of books at home or are having trouble accessing the library, check out the online books here:

Reading prompts - here are some questions to use with your child when you discuss books together

Times Table Homework:

Year 4 will be participating in the Times Table Check this summer. All Year 4 pupils across the country will take a quick screen-based quiz to help guage their strengths and inform us of their next steps. Every child has a TimesTable Rockstars log-in as part of their weekly homework.

Below, are some booklets for your child to use at home - a little each day is so effective.

Online Times Table Rockstars Tasks:

(call or email the school if you can't log in)

Some of the children have been determined to complete more levels in Numbots and I am thrilled with their perseverance. They should, however, now be accessing Times Table Rockstars.

Autumn 2 - 2023 Topic question: 'What Makes The Earth Extreme?'

Autumn 1 - 2023 Topic question: 'Why Are We Here?'

Spring 1 - 2024 Topic questions: 'Did the Ancient Egptians Just Build Pyramids?'

Spring 2 - 2024 Topic question: 'What Did The Romans Do For Us?'

Summer 1 - 2024 Topic question: 'What Type Of Art Makes A Sound?'

Summer 2 - 2024 Topic question: 'What Makes The Perfect Picnic?'