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Year 4

We're back!


It is absolutely wonderful to be back with the children and we're un-bubbled. We have a sense of normality returning and the staff are as excited as the children to be with groups again and to see everyone around school. 

I think I have covered the main points below, but if you need further information about anything, please come to see me at the gate and I'll see if I can answer your queries.


Class teacher: Miss Hnat

Teaching Assistants:  Miss Ashleigh, Mrs Hill and Mrs Eastwood 

PPA teacher: Mrs Hill

Music teacher: Mr Ecclestone

Sports coaches: Miss Dom and Mr Max


Unfortunately, we have had to postpone our trip on Wednesday 20th October into the city.

We will reschedule it for after half term, but we are able to go to Cherry Hinton Hall in the afternoon of Wednesday 20th for a 'Trees Matter' visit.

Thank you for your patience with this - we are all disappointed, but it is an unavoidable situation.


We have PE on Mondays and Fridays - please dress appropriately for the weather as Friday lessons will be outside. 

Earrings and other jewellery must be removed for PE and long hair tied back. If your child cannot remove or put in their own earrings, please remove these for your child before school on PE days.


Swimming lessons begin on Monday 27th September. We will set off straight after lunch and the lesson is from 1:30 - 2:30pm. We aim to return to school for home-time, but this is reliant on the traffic.

Girls need:  a one-piece swimming costume, goggles and a towel.

Boys need: swimming trunks (not shorts), goggles and a towel.

Swimming hats may be worn if you wish.

Long hair must be tied back and earrings must be removed for the lesson - the pool will not allow your child to swim if this is not followed.

If your child is unable to participate in a lesson for a medical reason, an adult must communicate this to school. Your child will still attend with the rest of the class, but will have work provided.


Please do not allow your child to wear their swimming outfit under their uniform on Mondays before swimming as underwear is more likely to be lost or forgotten. Swimming bags may be brought in early to ensure your child has everything in a timely manner.


Drinks and snacks - We encourage the children to stay hydrated by having their water bottles on the table with them throughout the day. They may top them up from the drinking water tap in class whenever needed

Snacks of fruit (or veg) may be eaten outside during morning break.


Autumn 1 - 2021 Topic question: 'Why Are We Here?'


Reading with your child for even a few minutes a day helps them to develop their love of reading as well as their confidence in learning generally. In Year 4 we recommend 20 to 30 minutes of reading homework each day. Why not let your child see you reading for pleasure and discuss your books together! The Reading Record needs to be kept up-to-date and we encourage the children to fill it in as they go, making comments and observations about their thoughts before they move onto another book. We welcome your observations about their reading and book discussions in the Reading Record too. 


If you run out of books at home or are having trouble accessing the library, check out the online books here:

Reading prompts - here are some questions to use with your child when you discuss books together

Online Times Table Rockstars Tasks:

(call or email the school if you can't log in)

Homework inspired by our topic question - Would You Survive Life In Pompeii?

Noah's Pompeii brochure

Collective worship at home

All Collective worship at home are now saved under Remote Education Extra.

Spring 1 - 2021 Home Learning letter

Autumn 2 - 2020 Curriculum map

Spellings for Autumn 2

Autumn 1 - 2020 Curriculum map

Spellings for Autumn 1