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KS2 School performance data 2022

Year 6 sat national SATS in May 2022. SATS were not sat in 2020 or 2021 because of the COVID pandemic. Despite the pandemic, our results for 2022 were our best ever and in line with and above national results.


The government has not published primary test or assessment data for 2020, 2021 or 2022. This data and the analysis is taken from Perspective Lite. 


READING %SchoolChange since 2019National 
Achieved standard77.817.8 increase74.6
Greater depth29.61.6 increase28


WRITING %SchoolChange since 2019National
Achieved standard633 increase69.4
Greater depth22.21.8 decrease12.8


MATHS %SchoolChange since 2019National
Achieved standard77.821.8 increase71.5
Greater depth29.616 increase22.5


GPS %SchoolChange since 2019National
Achieved standard74.16.1 increase72.5
Greater depth44.48.4 increase28.3


RWM combined %SchoolChange since 2019National
Achieved standard59.33.3 increase58.7
Greater depth14.82.8 increase7.2


KEY STAGE 2 Statutory Assessment 2019

These performance measures are from the academic year 2018-19 when SATS tests were last set and results published nationally. They are not a current measure of school performance. 

(  ) is National data


% pupils at expected standard for reading, writing and maths - 56% (65%)

% pupils at higher than expected standard for reading, writing and maths - 12% (11%)


Average progress scores

Reading- 2.3

Writing- 1.6

Maths - 1.2


Average scaled score 

Reading - 103 (104)

Maths - 103 (105)


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