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The spellings for this half term are below along with the Year 5 overview.

You can help your child with their spellings by discussing patterns and connections between the spellings of words, and practising them through strategies like look, cover, write, check - these are outlined on the second page of the overview.

Writing Stimulus

When the dragon had hatched from the safety of its egg, crawling out of its shell onto her bed, Zoya knew that her life would never be the same again. It had grown rapidly, forcing her to make a tough decision.


She had brought the dragon far away from her village; away from the people who would hurt it and take it away from her. As she sat next to the beautiful beast, Zoya knew exactly what she had to do. What they had to do. Together.


The dragon gazed at her. She could see the flames burning within its eyes. It was totally dependent on her, as a newborn child is to its mother. And yet, strangely, she felt dependant upon the dragon as well; dependant upon what it was and what it would become in time.


They would become inseparable. Their futures were entwined. Their adventures were only just beginning…


1.  Describe the dragon you see using expanded noun phrases.

2.  What do you think Zoya and the dragon have to do together? Why?

2.  Find and copy an examples of parenthesis within the text. 


Continue the story.


Can you include an Alan Peat paired conjunction sentence in your story?