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The spellings for this half term are below along with the Year 5 overview.

You can help your child with their spellings by discussing patterns and connections between the spellings of words, and practising them through strategies like look, cover, write, check - these are outlined on the second page of the overview.

Wisteria Carrow had always been unusual. People tended to stay well away from her, suspicious of her unusual appearance: wavy, grey hair and a mysteriously pale complexion. Wisteria Carrow also enjoyed her own company, living far away from civilisation and the hustle and bustle of towns and cities. She lived not far away from the shoreline on the edge of Darkmist forest.


She had always painted, but she was not like any other painter in the world. The paintings done by Wisteria Carrow were different, because they came alive.


The sound of the water gently lapping against the shore accompanied the release of her latest creation. Wisteria Carrow poured the miniature ships into the ocean, watching as the breeze rippled their unfurled sails.


It was all part of her plan and Wisteria Carrow was a witch…


Continue the story.



1.  Why did people tend to stay away from Wisteria Carrow?

2.  Why were her paintings different?

2.  How do you think Wisteria became a witch?


Continue the story.


Can you include an Alan Peat emotion word, comma sentence in your story?