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The spellings for year 5 are listed below. There's an overview of the spellings we'll be looking at each week, alongside the year 5 words that are gradually learned through the year. We have informal class or pair quizzes on our spellings some weeks to help us identify words we want to work on more. We then have a big quiz at the end of each half term looking at all the words we've studied during that and previous half terms. 

You can help your child with their spellings by discussing patterns and connections between the spellings of words, and practising them through strategies like look, cover, write, check - these are outlined on the second page of the overview.

Writing Stimulus

One second you saw it, the next you didn’t. She wanted to turn around and leave this strange place, but curiosity got the better of her.

The fog seemed to be alive. It danced amongst the trees: smothered, slithered, sneaked, in and out of the branches. The trees lining the road, sentinels of the night, seemed to sway in the breeze, their branches reaching up like tentacles clawing for the sky, yearning to escape the cloying fog.

One second you saw it, the next you didn’t. The ghostly shadow vanished once again into the mist.

She had come too far to turn back now. Goosebumps prickled on her cold, clammy skin, and she was sure she could hear her heart thumping inside her chest like a fluttering bird begging to be let out of its cage. Pulling her scarf tightly around herself, she stepped forward into the woods, towards the place where the shadow had been…


Where did the shadow come from?

What happens next?

What is it like inside the woods?


Can you write an Alan Peat 2 pairs sentence inspired by the image and story? There's examples below to help you.

Can you carry on the story using the writing techniques you have learned at school?