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The spellings for this half term are below along with the Year 5 overview.

You can help your child with their spellings by discussing patterns and connections between the spellings of words, and practising them through strategies like look, cover, write, check - these are outlined on the second page of the overview.

Story starter

He had been waiting all day and now the moment had arrived. His beady, coal-black eyes narrowed. Against the unending blanket of snow that surrounded him, his slick fur looked as dark as the sky at night. The emperor penguin stood completely still, poised for action. This might be his only chance…


Continue the story.




Write a diary about a day in the life of an emperor penguin.



Can you include an Alan Peat Outside (Inside) sentence in your story?



Children are also expected to read each day, either on their own or with someone else. Reading with your child or discussing what they've read, for even a few minutes a day, really helps them to develop their love of reading as well as their confidence in learning generally.  If you would like further advice about this, or suggestions of books, please do ask. When you do read with your child please complete their Reading Record. The Reading Record needs to be in school every day too as we often discuss with the children what they are reading outside of class. 

Here are some questions you might want to ask your child about what they've been reading:

Tell me, is there anything you like about the book?

Is there anything that you particularly dislike?

Is there anything that puzzles you? Do you have any questions?

Does it remind you of anything you know, in stories or real life?