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This half term, we are continuing with building our understanding and confidence in addition and subtraction. Then we will begin our work on multiplication and division. 

Below are at-home workbooks for the Year 3 units of work we will be covering this half term, which give examples of the types of questions we explore together in lessons. Choose an area in which you feel you need to practise and complete the home-learning booklet. These can then be returned to school at the end of the half term.

Key number skills

In class, we like to use our number skills to help us tackle more challenging problems, for example knowing that 4 + 6 = 10, therefore 40 + 60 = 100.

Therefore it is vital that children have these key number skills secured. Numbots is a fantastic online resource to help your child practise these skills and build confidence. Children have their login for Numbots in their Reading Records.

Numbots website:


Times Tables

This half term, we will be continuing to revise children's knowledge of times tables taught in previous year groups. As a class, we will be focusing the 5 times table, thinking about patterns and rules, as well as building speed of recall. Children will also have time to work on their own challenges with times tables, building their confidence and increasing their speed.


Here is a link to TTRockstars website, where children can practise.  Times Tables Rock Stars login

Additionally, children can practise away from a device using any of the following strategies:

  • count in multiples forwards and backwards e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10... and 25,  20, 15, 10 ...
  • quick recall questions e.g. 2 x 3 = ...., 18 ÷ 2 = ...
  • Times Tables Bingo - Children write down six multiples from the times table they are focusing on. An adult then says questions from that times table. If the answer on the child's Bingo grid matches the question from the adult, they cross it off! Mrs Day is more than happy to explain this in more detail and give a demonstration!
  • If you would like any Times Tables Rock Stars questions printed out for your child to practise at home, please speak to Mrs Day.