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Please find our spelling curriculum for this half term below. You will also find lists of year 3/4 and year 5/6 word lists, and the 5th hundred of high frequency words: all of these should be worked on throughout the year.

Autumn 1 Writing Stimulus



Marie stepped out into the barren wasteland that was once her front garden. She remembered before this terrible war had started when she used to play out here with her older sister, swinging from the rope -swing they had hung from her favourite tree. They would dance and play for hours in their beautiful garden; a safe place where Marie felt blissfully happy. Things had changed. The war had brought great sorrow and pain. She was alone.


Using the Alan Peat sentence of 3___ed: definition write a sentence to describe this image and story.


Can you continue this story?
Use as many Alan Peat sentences as you can in your writing.