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Please find our spelling curriculum for this half term below. You will also find lists of year 3/4 and year 5/6 word lists, and the 5th hundred of high frequency words: all of these should be worked on throughout the year.

Writing Stimulus


The deep lines of my hands gazed on in amazement as the globe began to glow, dim at first but then brighter and more intense. Slowly yet surely, a warm sensation began to radiate from the sphere as wispy, translucent clouds began to swirl around inside the plastic casing.


As the moments passed, my eyes (although at first deceived) began to recognise the shapes forming inside the shimmering orb. Firstly, the familiar shape of Africa appeared like a ghost from the mists, then the outline of the Californian coastline and finally the famous shape of the British Isles. My home.


Forgetting for a moment the mind-blowing scene unravelling amazingly in my hands, I suddenly remembered what the voice had said to me only minutes before. “Just one wish Ben. Just one wish and one consequence.”


If you held the world in your hands like this all day, what would you need to do to make sure it stayed safe?


Using the Alan Peat sentence of One word/phrase: definition write a sentence to describe this image and story.


Can you continue this story?
Use as many Alan Peat sentences as you can in your writing.