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Writing Stimulus


She held hope in her outstretched hands. Kneeling gently on the ground, she prepared herself for what she knew she must do. The cool water trickled through her muddy fingers, and the soft, black earth felt comfortingly warm on her palms. 

Planting the tree of life would mean a new beginning. The opportunities were endless... Feeling the excitement course through her quivering body, she lowered the tree of life into the small hole she had prepared. It was time...



Is the tree small or is the person large?

What do you think will happen after the tree is planted?
If you could start a new world, how would it be different to ours?


Using the Alan Peat sentence of Imagine, write a sentence to describe this image and story.


Can you continue this story?
Use as many Alan Peat sentences as you can in your writing.