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Please find our spelling curriculum for this half term below. You will also find lists of year 3/4 and year 5/6 word lists, and the 5th hundred of high frequency words: all of these should be worked on throughout the year.

Spring 1 Writing Stimulus


The journey had gone well so far. The huskies barked encouragement to each other, pulling together, straining against the weight behind them. The edge of the lake was in sight, one hundred metres away. He muttered a prayer to himself, begging for the ice to take the weight of the sled. Ninety metres. He shivered as the icy wind whipped against his red-raw cheeks and snow- encrusted beard. Eighty metres. They would reach the land soon.
It was then that he heard it.
CRACK...The sled shuddered. Seventy metres.
CRACK... He could see the water through the ice. CRACK... The ground beneath him started to shatter...

Can you continue the story of the journey across the Arctic? Will the team make it across the lake?


Using the Alan Peat sentence of 3 bad - (dash) question? write a sentence to describe this image and story.


Can you continue this story?
Use as many Alan Peat sentences as you can in your writing.