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Who's Who

When you visit or contact school you will be greeted by Miss Hina, Miss Katharine or Miss Zoe.

Mrs Hina Barot is the school's senior administrator.

Mrs Katherine Cooper is our receptionist and administrative assistant. She works every morning from 8.30-12.30.

Mrs Zoe Thistlethwaite is our finance and premises support officer. She works Monday, Tuesday and Fridays.


Our office staff are friendly and helpful, on hand to answer any questions you may have. 


Ms Haiselden our headteacher welcomes the opportunity to speak with families and is out on the school gate at the start and end of the school day.


Please contact the school office if you would like to make an appointment with her.

You can leave a message for teaching staff via the school office on 01223 568834 or via the office email at  Similarly the governors can also be contacted via the school office. 

   Cherry Hinton C of E Primary               School & Nursery staff





Sally Haiselden

Assistant Headteachers   

Helen Pearce

Suzanne Cooper & SENCO

Family & Attendance Support/ ELSA

Louise Saunders 

Senior Administrator                   

Hina Barot

Finance and Premises Support Officer        

Zoe Thistlethwaite


Katharine Cooper

Class Teachers

Shauna Hawthorne 

Hannah Goodman

Rebecca Dawkins   

Helen Pearce

Ceara Haddu-Walters

Rebekah Day

Paula Hnat

Connie Gellatly

Chloe Bentley

Music teacher                                

Dan Ecclestone

Higher Level Teaching Assistants                        Marie Hill

Sonia Gratwick

Donna Northfield 

Teaching Assistants                                               Amanda Wayne                   

Rabia Cellik

Rebecca Misik                     

Debra Caldecoat

Rahima Yoldash                   

Deborah Rees                                                      

Karen Dutton                         

Frances Harris                                                     

Lisa Cane                                

Kelly Mitchell                                                     

Sandra Eastwood                                                     

Elaine Sweeney

Sports Coach                                  

Chris Germon


David Hulme

Mid-day Supervisor/Cleaner                    

Kay Davies  


Sharon Woodhouse