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Friends of Cherry Hinton C of E Primary School



If you’re a parent or carer of a child at our school then you’re already part of the Friends community 


Thank you to everyone who supported our events during this last year - you made it possible for us to raise sufficient funds to give £1,000 to school for new library books, contribute to goodbye events for Year 6, buy class Christmas presents and more.  A big thank you to our team members who masterminded the Christmas Fair, ran Book Club every week, and weekly braved the cold playground to serve hot chocolate and treats with the Tuck Shop.  


We don't yet know what we'll be able to do in the new term but will continue to look for ways to contribute to school events and raise funds.  If you have suggestions or would like to get involved then we'd love to hear from you -


Even while school is closed you can help us raise funds while you shop online with, which gives us cashback on some online purchases.  Over 4000 shops donate to us when you shop with them, without any additional cost for you.  Please take a minute to sign up and support school - visit, and then search for 'The Friends of Cherry Hinton Primary School' 


Thank you and best wishes for your summer break



Who are we and what do we do? 

We’re parents and carers working together to raise funds for school resources, and to run and be involved in events which build our school community and encourage our children's learning and growth.  


You'll have seen some of our work already this year - we've run the Christmas Fair, joined by Father Christmas, started up the Tuck Shop providing tasty treats in the middle of the week, and run Book Club each week.  


And you’ll have seen where our (which are really your) funds have been spent - gardening beds upgrade, pergola in the playground, woodworking tools for nursery, upgrades to the hall AV system, loads of new library books.


So get involved! 

It’s not ‘us’ and ‘you’ but really ‘all of us together’.  We’re a tiny team and can’t have an impact without you:  

  • Give your time - you could sell cakes at a bake sale or run a craft table, do some digging and building in a garden space, help out at the Book Club on a Friday afternoon, and much more.  


  • Give funds - come to our events and take the opportunity to support the school financially while enjoying tasty cake, getting into the glitter and glue of a craft table, and generally having fun!  


  • Be our link to your child’s year group - we want two parents in each class connected to the Friends.  You’ll tell parents how they can get involved and events that we’re running, and you’ll be their voice into our decision making and event planning.  It’s fun and really rewarding! 


  • Come along to an open meeting - we have meetings each term to review what we’re doing and you’re welcome to join us. 


  • Share your ideas - suggest how we can raise funds, how we can be supporting school, and where we spend our funds.  

How to contact us


We have a team member linked with each year group, check out the notice board of your classroom.  At least one of us is in the playground at drop off and pick up times, so please do grab us then.  You can email us at, or drop off a note for us at the school office.  

Your 19 - 20 core team


Charis Murton                     Chair and Year 1 class rep

Phil Le Gouais                     Treasurer and Year 1 class rep

Kate Rankin                         Reception class rep

VACANT - we need you!    Reception class rep 


Nicky Anstee                        Year 2 class rep

Monika Zarzycka                 Year 2 class rep


Leslie Yanez                         Year 3 class rep

VACANT - we need you!    Year 3 class rep 


Laura Keech                         Year 4 class rep

Kelly Mitchell                        Year 4 class rep


Donna Brunning                  Year 5 class rep

VACANT - we need you!    Year 5 class rep 


Lukasz Dziobek                   Year 6 class rep

Sonya Gratwick                   Year 6 class rep


VACANT - we need you!    Nursery class rep 

VACANT - we need you!    Nursery class rep