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Writing Stimulus - Monster In My Pocket


Story Starter

As she strolled along on her way to school, she noticed something small shuffling in the bushes. Curiosity got the better of her so she timidly approached the rustling bush.

     Suddenly, a small, fluffy blue and purple creature jumped out and landed in her hand! It peered up at her with big, innocent eyes and seemed to be quite comfortable in her company. She couldn't resist but take it with her, so, carefully, she slipped the miniature monster into her jacket pocket. Little did she know, this was the beginning of a day at school she would never forget..


Continue the story...


Think about:


How did the girl feel when she first saw the monster?

What will happen when she gets to school with the monster in her pocket?

If you could give the monster a name, what would you call it?


Use some Alan Peat Last word, first word (yoked) sentences in your story.