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History Curriculum Statement - Intent, Implementation, Impact

Our School Values are: Agape Courage Thankfulness

Our school motto is: Inquisitive Thinkers; Inspired Learners; Kind Hearts.     



Motivated by our school values, we want our community to have excellent knowledge, skills and understanding of History. We want children to ask big questions about historical events, understanding what happened and imagining how they can be change makers in present and future history as good citizens of the world for the flourishing of all.



Having a good chronological understanding of periods of history is important as well as developing enquiry skills and critical thinking. 

Over the last year, we have developed a whole school time line that visually shows a child’s historical journey throughout their time at Cherry Hinton.

A progressive scheme of work with key learning, vocabulary and assessment opportunities is in place to ensure coverage of the whole curriculum.

Regular trips to historical sites and museums in Cambridge and beyond are encouraged to enhance the understanding of the subject. Local buses take us easily into Cambridge city centre where we can explore a wealth of history on our doorstep.

The curriculum is designed so that by the end of their time with us, the children have gained good chronological knowledge and understanding of different periods of history. Each topic focuses on a topic question and key vocabulary to be taught, presented in a knowledge organiser. Children complete pre and post learning challenges to monitor and evidence progress, in addition to being given opportunities to make links to previous learning surrounding periods of history. 



Cherry Hinton children have a good knowledge of History. They understand the importance of learning from the past to ensure future living well together with agape, courage and thankfulness. They can also articulate the difference living out their values and beliefs could make to history for themselves, their community and the wider world. They are full of hope and ask deep questions. They are participating citizens in advocacy for change.


September 2022