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3.11.22 Diwali Dance workshop - a wonderful RE and PE cross-curricular event

3 November 2022 Diwali Dance Workshop – a wonderful cross-curricular RE and PE event

On Thursday the 3rd of November, we had the ‘West End in Schools’ dance company visit Cherry Hinton. Each class from Reception to Year 6 were able to take part in a 35 minute workshop. The workshop started with the Ramayana story from Hinduism, an opportunity to enrich the children in the R.E part of our school curriculum. The Ramayana is the most well-known story behind Diwali. One of the most influential works in world literature, the great Hindu epic about Prince Rama and his wife Sita has been shared orally and through dance for centuries. The children were then able to dive into the P.E side of our school curriculum as the story was then re-told through a whole class dance performance. Retelling key elements of The Ramayana through dance improved the children's cultural understanding and their confidence in self-expression. Plus they were being active and working as a team whilst they learned to dance!