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18.11.22 A visit from South Sudan; James Kepo, Principal Yei Teacher Training College, South Sudan


Visit from James Kepo, Principal, Yei Teacher Training College (YTTC), South Sudan

James has been a leader for education in the South Sudan region for over 20 years and his institution is the only functioning teacher training college in the country, a country where the majority of teachers are untrained volunteers. James had lunch with the children, toured the school, ran ACT ACTIVE , gave a presentation to the whole school and answered lots of questions from the children. He picked up immediately on the family feel and the love we have for the children. It was a proud moment for Ms Haiselden to invite her friend and former colleague into school- she knows YTTC very well herself. Below are some photos from the day. A copy of James' presentation and his thank you letter can be found