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Welcome to Olive Class!
Class teacher: Miss Rebecca Dawkins
Teaching cover Mondays Mr.Dave Orton
P.P.A.cover Mrs Sonya Gratwick
TA's and Support Staff: Mrs Tina Sustins, Mrs Sandra Eastwood,



smiley      Spring Term 1 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,


A Happy New Year to everyone! Thank you for coming to our Advent Day and Christmas Nativity Plays.  We are sure you will agree Olive Class were amazing dancing angels! indecision

 This term our topic takes us into the season of winter. We will be observing the changes in the weather and how animals (including humans!)and plants adapt to colder weather and  how the landscape changes. In Literacy and Drama, we will be finding out what "traditional" tales are and looking closely at the settings, characters and plot in specific ones.

Best wishes,
Rebecca Dawkins and the Year 1 team.

Reading and Phonics


It is essential that your child brings in their Reading Record every day. We welcome feedback from you so please feel free to write a comment about how your child is doing at home. Please read with your child every day- even if it is only for a few minutes.
It is also important that your child practises reading and spelling the Year 1100 high frequency words in their reading record.


We learn phonics through Letters and Sounds. Please see the plan below.


(Days T.B.A.)
It is essential to bring indoor and  outdoor full P.E. kits every day and keep them in our P.E. box provided please. This includes a hooded top, jogging bottoms and outdoor trainers or plimsolls. We do P.E. in all weathers!

Topic homework

Design and make a scene(setting) from a traditional tale e.g. 3 Little Pig's House, a meadow, a wood ,a castle etc.

or make a collage or model of your favourite character from a traditional tale.





Please practise the 100 spellings (high frequency words) for KS1 Year 1 in their reading record.







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