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Welcome to Olive Class!
Class teacher: Miss Rebecca Dawkins
TA's and Support Staff: Mrs Tina Sustins, Miss Carla, Miss Nicky



Spring Term 2 2017

  Dear Parents and Carers,
What another successful and  exciting term we have had! Thank you for coming to our wonderful Sharing Assembly Performance based on the story of the "Elves and the Shoemaker." We were so impressed by the confidence, capability and enthusiasm of the whole class.Your children  worked so hard to make this a great success! This term our topic is "Home Sweet Home". We will be looking at the traditional tale "The Three Little Pigs", focusing on its characters, plot ,repetitive language and exploring different materials. Later in the term we will take a visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park to find out about the habitats and lifestyles of the animals living there. We will even go to a "Rainforest" there!
You are welcome to come and see me for a chat about how your child is settling in on a Monday after school .Please sign your name on the message board near the classroom entrance.

Best wishes,
Rebecca Dawkins and the Year 1 team.

Our Topic

We will be exploring the topic "Home Sweet Home" focusing on different types of homes and habitats.
Our role-play area will be decided upon and planned for by Olive Class.


Reading and Phonics


It is essential that your child brings in their Reading Record every day. We welcome feedback from you so please feel free to write a comment about how your child is doing at home. Please read with your child every day- even if it is only for a few minutes.

We learn phonics through Letters and Sounds. Your child will have brought home a plan of the phonics taught during this half term.

Alien words

Your child may have mentioned alien words. These are nonsense or pseudo words which they have to read, sound out and blend using their knowledge of phonics. In June Year 1 take part in a phonics screening in which they are given  a combination of real and alien words to decode and read.

 P.E. days will be Mondays and Wednesdays this half term up to Easter.
It is essential to bring in outdoor full P.E. kits every day and keep them in our P.E. box until the weekend please. 

Topic homework
Half termly Topic homework- sketch or make a 3D model of a natural habitat for an animal ,for example a jungle, desert, rainforest, sea.

  • Children will be given KIRFS (Key Instant Recall Facts) to learn each half term.
Children will be given spellings each half term to learn a few at a time at regular intervals or if preferred each week.


Homework Festival
*At the end of half term there will be a celebration of homework during a Homework Festival.



Traditional Tales

Traditional Tales 1
Traditional Tales 2
Traditional Tales 3
Traditional Tales 4
Traditional Tales 5
Traditional Tales 6
Traditional Tales 7
Traditional Tales 8
Traditional Tales 9
Traditional Tales 10
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Traditional Tales 12

Topic Spring Term 2 2017

Spellings Spring Term 2 2017

KIRFS Maths Spring Term 2 2017