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Welcome to Apple Class!

 The Nursery Team: Mrs Hawthorne, Mrs Gratwick and Mrs Rees


We are enjoying the summer term in nursery with lots of outdoor play inspired by our Wild Play expert, Rachel.  The children have had fun looking for insects, spotting birds and making their own nests. They have also been building  dens in the bushes and have discovered the joy of climbing trees.

Wild Play Explorers!


We like to encourage children to challenge themselves in the outdoor environment and assess risk for themselves.  They are learning how to test branches to see if they will support their weight and can identify (and avoid!) nettles. Please make sure your children still bring rain coats to nursery in the summer term – rain does not stop outdoor play! If it is sunny, we provide sun hats.


Our special book this half term is The Gingerbread Man and we look forward to sharing the story with you at our assembly on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th July.


Many thanks to all the parents who have shared their expertise with us…we’ve been delighted to welcome a nurse, occupational therapist, hairdresser and carpenter into nursery to talk about their jobs.  Parent volunteer have also helped the children with science experiments, baking, pet care and reading.  Earlier this term we learnt about the Japanese paper folding art, Origami. The children helped to make Samurai Warrior hats. Please let us know if you'd like to come in share your skills with us in nursery. We always welcome parent helpers!


If your child started school this half term, please ensure that you have spoken to your Key Worker about accessing their Learning Journal on Tapestry



HOW CAN YOU HELP AT HOME? - take off our shoes and socks to go into the big sandpit in the garden and change our shoes for PE.  Can your child put on shoes and socks by themselves? If they can do this at home it will help them to feel more independent at nursery.

In Nursery we plan activities in response to children's interests and regularly meet with parents to talk about what they like doing at home. Our plans are very fluid - responding to children's immediate enthusiasms e.g. snails, puddles, something they have found on the way to nursery and can involve impromptu visits to the local shops if the children decide they want to make a cake today and we need to buy the ingredients! The plans attached give some themes we may be looking at over the term and the year.

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Nursery News

We email a weekly newsletter to keep you up to date with what we've been doing in nursery,  to give ideas of how you can support your child's learning at home and to tell you about upcoming events.  If you are not receiving these emails regularly, please contact the office tel: 01223 568834