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Welcome to Nursery!
 The Nursery Team: Mrs Hawthorne, Mrs Gratwick and Mrs Rees


Winter is here and we have been enjoying the cold weather in our garden – we wrote on frosty surfaces, worked out how to make ice melt and experimented with slippery surfaces.


We are delighted to welcome our new children to Nursery this term.  We are all settling in to our classroom routines and enjoying making new friends. The older children have been great "buddies" and particularly like demonstrating how to "choose it, use it and put it away" (a great maxim for tidying at home!).


This term we will be celebrating Burns Night (neeps, tatties and haggis!) and Chinese New Year. We will be visiting our local Chinese supermarket to see how they prepare for the upcoming celebrations.


This term the children in their pre-school year will be starting to learn some phonic sounds.  Please have a look at the link below to see how we say the letter sounds. 


Our new Outlast blocks have been a big hit in the courtyard.  Here the children made a train and then wrote labels for the train and lovely map of where they were going! Great ideas!



Many thanks to our Parent Visitors.  We have had some great demonstrations – from a carpenter, a nurse, and occupational therapist, a football coach and a hairdresser.  Please let us know if you’d like to tell us about your job or hobby or if you would like to help with cooking or reading.

Please remember: we enjoy playing outdoors in all weathers, so do make sure your child comes to nursery wearing a warm coat and has a pair of wellies in class. Thank you!


hairdressing in nursery


HOW CAN YOU HELP AT HOME? - we encourage the children to be as independent as possible.  Now that it is winter we have to get coats and wellies on and off and it is really helpful if the children can do this by themselves.  Ask them if they can show you our special nursery technique for putting on coats.

In Nursery we plan activities in response to children's interests and regularly meet with parents to talk about what they like doing at home. Our plans are very fluid - responding to children's immediate enthusiasms e.g. frost on the ground, puddles, something they have found on the way to nursery and can involve impromptu visits to the local shops if the children decide they want to make a cake today and we need to buy the ingredients! The plans attached give some themes we may be looking at over the term and the year.