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Week beginning 1st February

Spelling (prefixes) - follow this link then try to find as many words as possible that follow these rules.


Each day at 1:15, we will meet online for maths lessons. White Rose Hub have also made videos that link to our lessons.

Other Tasks:

Topic - Follow this link to take part in our topic lesson this week, which focuses on map skills and six-figure grid references.


French - Today, we will review how to describe ourselves, using the verbs avoir and etre.

PE - follow this link for a 6 week home learning fitness challenge! Try one challenge each Wednesday. You could take a photograph of your challenge and write down a short reflection. How did you find the challenge? What would you like to get better at doing?


PSHE - For this half term, we will be following the Oak Academy unit on Eat Well, Live Well! Follow the link below and complete one lesson each week. This week our lesson focuses on being active.



Can you beat your best score? As a class, can we get our average time down to 3 seconds per question?


Purple Mash

In addition to our Computing tasks (see above), I have set a range of typing tasks for you to complete throughout this half term. You can complete these at your own pace