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Welcome from the Headteacher,

Cherry Hinton Primary School is a diverse, inclusive community with children from all around the world and where children arrive with a wide range of life experience. Children in our school are encouraged to be happy and secure in who they are and to learn to live and work together. In keeping with our Christian Foundation, we focus on personal qualities through the values we teach our children so they can establish the relationships they need to succeed socially and intellectually. Our school values are Agape, Courage and Thankfulness and spell ACT. We are an outward looking school and we ACT upon our values. 


My vision for the school is for the children to experience, have knowledge of and to understand the world beyond the classroom. We do this through the regular trips out and visitors we have in, across the breadth of the curriculum. We do this through the questions we ask, the talk and vocabulary this inspires, growing interests and passions for the future, and the joy and fun we have together. We want children to leave us with hope, knowing there is a whole world out there to discover and feel part of. We aim for: 

Inquisitive thinkers; Inspired learners; Kind hearts.


What the school strives to be is captured here in our vision statement:

'Love God with heart, soul, mind and strength-and your neighbour as you love yourself (Matthew 22.37-39)

We ACT out this verse through our values of Agape, Courage and Thankfulness. Recognising we are all neighbours, we ACT with Agape love, giving us kind hearts, with Courage to ask inquisitive questions of God, ourselves and others-and with Thankfulness for the love, courage and inspiration we receive from God.'


A successful school and education is a result of school and home working together so it is important to ensure that communication is a two way process. I believe in open and transparent communication, my office door is always open and I urge parents to contact me with any concerns, no matter how small.

I look forward to meeting you.

Sally Haiselden




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