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Topic: 1st-12th February


What do Christians believe God is like?

Draw a picture of the story and write a sentence about what each story shows us about God.


Make a soundscape for the weather/four seasons. Find some materials around the house to make different sounds. Make a short recording of the different sounds you create for the four seasons or four different types of weather.


Purple Mash 2 dos set by Miss Dawkins


Citizenship- Write and draw about 4 talents that you have e.g. Sport, Art, helping people, caring about the environment etc.

“Express Yourself” Children’s Mental Health Week (1st-5th February)  see Activity Plan and activities for whole school on website.

PE Suggestions

Join in with ACT active if you can each day in your garden or at the park.

Use Joe wicks videos three times a week.

Boogie Beebies:

Disney 10 minute shake ups:

Also see plan for Children’s Mental Health Week 1st-5th February 


Create an impression of raindrops or snowflakes. Try to make a repetitive pattern. You can choose the colours and materials you want to use.

Make a hanging weather mobile for your bedroom.

See ”Get Creative” D.T. challenge on webpage to create a scene/setting for a Traditional Tale.