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Sketching for Sanity?

A global pandemic and a super-dull winter Lockdown –  this is the ideal time to express ourselves through art! All our children will be introduced to regular sketch book activities.  Artistic prowess is not the aim - we want all children to be able to express themselves through visual means.   A simple line drawing, some colour mixing or an observation from nature can give children a few minutes of valuable focus time and allow them to be creative in their own way.  Sketchbooks are like a visual diary where children can explore ideas and write and draw and revisit themes as the notion takes them.  Children own their individual  sketchbooks and teachers are NOT allowed to mark them or write on them in any way....sketching is a personal visual journey.

A few minutes of sketching in a day can be really helpful for well-being and a useful thing for children to get into the habit of doing by themselves at home. Teachers sketch alongside the children - so feel free to have a go at home too!

Observational sketches - Nursery

Year 4 Sketches

The Colour Monster - feelings in art (Nursery)

Looking for Inspiration?

Art inspiration is everywhere...  Why not take your sketchbook outside and look closely at a leaf (there are still some!) or a tree? (I love the tree skeletons at this time of year). Why not try to draw something with your non- dominant hand or make a sketch without taking your pencil off the paper? Can you draw something in 2 minutes - set a timer and see what you create!

Have you thought of doing a still life? What objects can you see around you that you might like to draw?  Don't forget people or pets: you could get a sibling or parent to pose for you for a few minutes. 

What about using different materials...try a thick black felt tip instead of a pencil, it gives a very different feel to your drawing. 

Maybe you can look for inspiration from famous paintings (some ideas below) or why not try drawing in a cartoon style?

Have fun sketching!

Creative inspiration