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11 May Letter to Parents

23rd April 2020

Summer 1 Learning

Dear Parents/Carers,

As promised here are details of our refreshed and improved offer to you for learning during lockdown. This will be used with the children in school and also we hope by you at home. This means every child will be completing the same work and will help class teachers ensure curriculum coverage.

The reason why we have revised the work set is in response to feedback from you, our clearer understanding of how learning from home is working and with no indication of when school closure will be lifted, to ensure access to the most important aspects of the Summer 1 curriculum is available. It is also in line with guidance to schools from the Department of Education.

Summer 1 Learning- tasks

Work for this half term block will be posted on your child’s Class Page on the school website from Monday. The work will include English from English Mastery and Maths from White Rose Hub and topic work. The English has reading, comprehension, grammar, sentence work and writing with extension activities if you wish. You will also be signposted to websites where you can access quality reading books for free. The maths is the same as we have been using all along. The topic work will link to this term’s topic question and will involve some research and some creating; very similar to our usual Long Term Homework. We suggest BBC Bitesize (recently updated with Daily Lessons) for any curriculum enrichment you may like to do, for example there is the option to learn some Mandarin or complete some Andy Goldsworthy outdoor art. Teachers will continue to set Purple Mash tasks.

How much to learn, when and how?

What is available to you on the Class Pages is our offer to you. How much your child completes and when is what works best for you as a family. What we advise however is the importance of daily routine, practising reading, writing and maths as the most important daily sessions and developing study skills. Be realistic, little and often is best, have some fun, encourage, keep a weekend, get outside. Also remember to involve your child in the daily tasks you do to keep the house running- cooking, stacking the dishwasher, hanging out the washing. These are important life skills for the future. Teaching your child how to tie shoelaces would get you a massive tick from your class teacher!

Recording your child’s work and feedback

We ask that the English Mastery work is written up neatly in the exercise book we gave out when school closed. Teachers will look at this when we have all returned to school. White Rose Hub maths provides answers. Topic work can be shared with teachers in several ways: upload a photo or file to your child’s work folder on Purple Mash, email it to or drop if off at school. Please make sure we know who it is from! I will make sure teachers give your child some feedback.

If there is any work your child is really proud of, that you feel they could do with some feedback and encouragement, then please share it as above.

Any work you email please put ‘Work’ and the Year group in the subject. This will really help us to get it to the teachers quickly.

Accessing the work

If you would like a printed copy of the English Mastery work or copies of the White Rose hub maths worksheets then email

Please put in the subject heading ‘PRINTED’ and the Year group you require.

If you are really struggling to access the work because of issues with having a device available then let your class teacher know when she calls next.

Just so you know, as staff are on rota some of them will be taking some well-earned holiday next week-Mrs Gilmore, Miss Dawkins and Mrs Pearce all week and myself from today until next Wednesday.

All the best in the sunny weather,

Sally Haiselden

Important update to Safeguarding Policy regarding Covid 19 and school closure

Welcome Back to the Summer Term

Monday 20th April 2020


Dear parents/carers,

Welcome back to the Summer Term 2020! Well we seem to have the weather to match even if school is not quite how it should be! I suppose really it is welcome to our very first remote summer term!


I hope you all managed to have some rest over the Easter break and to spend some time as a family. I have been out on my bike a lot discovering new off-road routes around Teversham and The Wibrahams and I’ve also got my tent up in the garden and have been sleeping in it. Being in the tent has reminded me of all of the places in the world I have pitched it and the adventures I have had. I’ve also taken a virtual trip to Bhutan- further details will be on the website.


We’ve all had to adapt to new ways of working, so I wanted to take the opportunity to say what an amazing job you’re doing supporting your child’s wellbeing and learning during this time. The feedback you have been sending in and the feedback teachers are getting from their weekly phone calls to your children is both encouraging but also helpful to our understanding of what it is like for you to try to work, parent, teach and care all from home.

I have been collating your feedback about remote schooling and the staff are meeting on Wednesday to review our provision for the summer term. There is a wealth of remote learning resources out there, quite an overwhelming selection in fact, so I want to ensure our provision provides you with better directed and focused learning activities for your children and that these are easy for the children to use more independently and link to the summer term curriculum.   


It is definitely a strange and challenging time, so it is natural for us all to feel wobbly and worried at the moment. We are here for you every step of the way as we navigate through the next few weeks together. Remember, if you have any concerns about helping your child learn or you need any other support from the school, please let us know by phoning the school office during school hours (there is always someone from the Senior Leadership Team in school), email the office ( or phone Miss Louise, our Family Support Worker on her school mobile number – 07912356259.

The County Council also have a Hub, which can be accessed below and can signpost you too all sorts of support -


I miss the children very much. Even if we are not all in the same building, it does not mean we cannot have some fun together! I have been getting emails, recipes, photos, cards and letters of things your children have been doing. We even had some painted pebbles appear on the door last week. Please keep sending everything in. It makes the staff smile and will be an important link to re-start those relationships with your children when we are all back in school again. I will keep updating the website with what we have been doing in school.


I cannot say yet when we will be able to open the school fully, but rest assured that we will continue doing our utmost to keep your child learning and our school community connected.

Let’s enjoy the summer term!

Warm regards,

Sally Haiselden


3 April End of term letter to children

3 April 2020

Dear children of Cherry Hinton Nursery and Primary,

Happy end of term and….HAPPY EASTER! We made it!

I know right up to the last minute, whether you are at home or in school you have been working hard. How do I know? Because I have had loads of wonderful letters from you via email or through the post or even delivered directly to school. The teachers have been seeing how busy you have been on Purple Mash and getting wonderful updates from you when they are phoning you. So please keep the good news coming. Why not make a walk to the school post box your exercise for the day and drop me a line-I have enjoyed replying to everyone.

Apart from all your learning, here’s two other amazing things you have done to invest in your future. In ACT ACTIVE this term you have completed 500 laps which is about 50 miles. If you add that to the 50 miles from the Autumn term, you have run/walked to London and back, or completed the equivalent of 3.8 marathons. Think about how much good that has done you! The 60 trees we all planted will make Cherry Hinton a healthier place as you grow up. One tree will remove 4.5kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, so you can work out how much 60 trees will remove. You have played your part in reducing global warming in the future-well done!

So now it’s the holidays! But a strange one-we can’t go anywhere! So I suggest we all go on a virtual holiday. Choose a place you have always wanted to go to and do some research about it. Find some images of the top tourist sites, download a map and plan your route. Can you learn some of the language? What is the currency? What do people eat there? Can you cook one of their traditional dishes? Can you then design and send me a postcard from your holiday? If you want you could take a trip to your home country. If you want you could invent a whole new country. I’m going to go to Bhutan (which is a real place). I look forward to getting loads of postcards.

Some of your teachers have already phoned you. Some of them will call you next week. Other teachers are now on holiday for two weeks, but may call you anyway-I know they are missing you all.

I am too. School is very quiet without you all. But we have been working hard but also having fun. Yesterday found me and Mrs Hill singing ‘I will survive’, for karaoke in the hall. We survived but I am not sure it was a great experience for all the children! But we laughed!

Stay safe, be active and have some time out. I’m going to put my tent up in my garden and camp out for a night or two.

And well done, everyone!

Ms Haiselden.


3 April End of term letter to children

3 April letter to parents

26 March 2020

Parentmail sent out 26 March.

Website and resources ideas mentioned in this Parentmail can be found under Curriculum -Remote Schooling

26th March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope you have all taken some time this week to enjoy the sunshine.

I am sure it has been an interesting challenge for you to balance your work and shopping with childcare and doing your best to support continued learning for your child. The purpose of this email is to let you know how as a school we will continue with remote schooling.

Each week the class teachers will set tasks on Purple Mash, Numbots or Timestables Rock Stars. Tasks will include maths, English and science. Teachers can log on and see who in the class has completed what tasks and to nudge those who could do more. All of these tasks allow for pupils to work independently with the minimum of direction needed from parents.

A suggested timetable you could follow is this (this is the same as we are following in school)

9-9.30 Joe Wickes workout

9.30-10.30 Maths


11-12 English – Purple Mash activities

12-1 lunch

1-1.30 reading together

1.30 -2 Science/Arts crafts/ creative writing not online, device free

2-2.15 – ACT ACTIVE

2.15-3 science/arts crafts not online

3-3.15 reflection time together-talk about successes of the day, challenges and worries

Attached to this parentmail are links to websites recommended by staff. The LA Learning Together site has been set up specifically for this current situation and will be updated regularly.


However, it would be healthy for the children not to be on a device all day. Attached is a list of some well-being and mindfulness activities you could do together, perhaps as part of a less structured afternoon.

It is important that despite the circumstances we all get the balance right for our children. Life is not normal at the moment so we cannot make our normal demands on our children. Perhaps the most important thing we can do is make them feel safe, secure and happy. To have a routine around learning, to get challenged, to try their best and know how well they have got on is important but in a way that suits you as a family. To provide this though will greatly help with the transition back into school.

To support your child’s learning and their well- being and to ensure they feel part of a school, their class teacher will be in touch by phone regularly to hear how everything is going. Further details to follow about this.

We’ve had some lovely letters, emails and photos from children at home. We turned the display board outside my office into a gallery of all of these. Keep them coming in! Someone will always reply.

So, Good Luck to all you Inquisitive Thinkers, Inspired Learners with Kind Hearts who always ACT ACTIVE and ACT OUT!!

Best wishes

Ms Haiselden


School Closure letter to children


20th March 2020

Dear Children,

What a strange time this is. I am sure you must be feeling strange, because I am. So I just wanted to write you a letter about some things I find help me through uncertain times and how we can keep in touch with each other even though we can’t meet.

Get outside – I find I feel my best out on my bike, freewheeling, with the wind on my face. It is the time I feel happiest and have my most exciting, creative thoughts. Running also has the same effect on me. So give these a go. Also, just be out in nature. Birds are nesting, trees are budding, life is continuing- be part of it. It will boost your sense of well-being.

ACT Active – keep doing it! All of us still in school will be out at 2pm everyday. So why don’t you do the same, then we will all know that we are actually still all doing it together.

Keep smiling  - we have put a display of bright smiley faces up in the library window, to make people passing smile. Why not put one up in your window?

Writing letters – I still like to get handwritten letters in the post. Why not write me or your class teacher a letter and pop it in the post or get it dropped off at school. If you write to us we will write you a reply.

Eco-warriors and Trees Matter - I know many of you are really motivated to do something to save our planet, improve our local environment or to tackle climate change. There are lots of actions you can take, or people to write to. Why not also have a look at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are all about making our world a better place for your future as adults. We will be talking a lot about them when we are all back at school.

Prayer – Mrs Rodel has a prayer for our school community. We will be saying it in school. If you would like to, if we all pray the same prayer, then again we are acting as one community even though we are not all together.

God of hope, we ask that you give us peace in these uncertain times. Help us as we stay at home to respond with agape, courage and thankfulness. We pray for those who are unwell, fearful and lonely. We pray for those working to keep us safe. We pray for our school. Renew our hope in you each day. Amen

Also if you have your own prayer, email it to the office or get it to us and Mrs Rodel will put it in our Prayer Space in school and make sure it gets prayed.

Plenty more ideas to help you feel good and connected will follow soon, via email.

Learning – I am sure you must be wondering what is going to happen with your learning. Your teachers have given you some work and ideas to get started with. More information will follow next week. One of the best things you can do is read, read and read. Reading boosts your vocabulary, makes you think of questions, gets you interested in things, is a wonderful way to escape. I love reading!

Finally I want to say what an amazing bunch of children you are. I love your energy, your enthusiasm and your questions. It is you all that make Cherry Hinton Primary and I love being your Headteacher. I promise that when we are all back I will make sure we continue to have fun, learn loads and keep trying new things. So….keep being inquisitive thinkers and inspired learners with kind hearts.

Ms Haiselden