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15th July 2020

Summer Learning Packs

The English and maths teams from the Local Authority have put together some summer learning packs. They are Moving Up packs, designed to be fun, 'light-touch' resources to enjoy over the summer and to prepare for the next year group. There are quizzes, speaking and listening activities, and games you can play in the car or on the move. The packs are aimed at moving up to a particular year group. However, the year group is not written on each pack, so you can choose one that you think would suit your child best. The packs can be found here-


Hello from your Headteacher

Still image for this video

3rd July - CHPS Draft Calculation Policy

This is a draft of our school calculation policy. It demonstrates the mental and written methods children will learn in each year group in maths and can help parents and carers at home to see how we teach maths and how children can be practising their calculation skills at home.

Powerpoint from Maths Parent Zoom Meeting

6th May

A video message from Ms Haiselden.....

Travels with my tent- come for a tour and hear of some adventures


Collective Worship: Faith At Home videos from The Church of England.

Here are some resources you might like to use at home with your family.

RE Remote learning for Summer 2

Get your voice heard: write a letter for creation | The Church of England

Letters for Creation invites children and young people under 30 to write letters reflecting on what caring for creation means to them and how they want their voice to be heard in the climate justice conversation. It is at times like these – testing times – that we recognise we are all in this ...

To find out more about Letters for Creation, click here.

Here are some new stories for you  :

Schoolreaders Storytime – ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen

For brave hunters and bear-lovers!  Follow and join in the family's excitement as they wade through the grass, splash through the river and squelch through the mud in search of a bear. What a surprise awaits them in the cave on the other side of the dark forest!
Reading Age 6+

Schoolreaders Storytime – ‘Winston the Book Wolf’ by Marni McGee

Winston the book wolf likes books - he likes to eat them. But then a girl named Rosie teaches Winston an important lesson: "You do not have to chew on a book to taste the wonderful words inside. Words taste even better when you eat them with your eyes!" Optional activity
Reading Age 7+

Schoolreaders Storytime – ‘The Legend of the Kea ’ by Philip Temple

Krikta the kea and his friends are always playing practical jokes on the other birds. But one day, some of the birds become greedy and want the forest for themselves. So begins the terrible time of quarrelling that threatens the forest. Ka, the great bird and keeper of the forest, is angry with the birds and punishes them. Krikta, the mischievous kea, finds he has been too cheeky for his own good.

Reading Age 10+

6th May 

Mr Wiffen's second workout

Mental Health and Well Being resources from NHS for parents and families

Please find below some stories for you to enjoy read by schoolreaders volunteers

 Schoolreaders Storytime

Schoolreaders Storytime – ‘Baby Brains’ by Simon James
Meet the extraordinary Baby Brains. He reads the paper, mends the car and works as a doctor at the hospital. He’s so clever that some scientists ask him to go on their next space mission.
Reading Age 5+

Schoolreaders Storytime – ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne 

One night a boy is woken by a terrible sound. A storm is breaking, lightning flashing across the sky. In the morning Dad has disappeared and Mum doesn’t seem to know when he’ll be back. Mum asks her son to take a cake to his sick grandma. "Don’t go into the forest," she warns. "Go the long way round." But, for the first time, the boy chooses to take the path into the forest, where he meets a variety of fairy tale characters!

Reading age 8+

Schoolreaders Storytime – ‘Bringing Down the Moon’ by Jonathan Emmett

Meet the little mole who thinks a lot and join him on his quest to bring down the moon.
Reading age 3+




 Schoolreaders Storytime

Schoolreaders Storytime - 'The Ravenous Beast' by Niamh Sharkey

The ravenous beast is hungry; he’s hungry, hungry, hungry. But is he the hungriest animal of all?

Reading age: 5+

Schoolreaders Storytime - 'One is a snail, ten is a crab' by April Pulley Sayre

If one is a snail and two is a person, we must be counting by feet!

Reading age: 3+

Schoolreaders Storytime - 'This is Our House' by Michael Rosen

A book about the power of sharing. George says the cardboard house is his and no one else can share it.

Reading age: 5+

 Optional activities to accompany each story can be found here

29th April 2020


Mr Wiffen's Work Out


From our very own Joe Wicks here's Mr Wiffin's fun work out for you to try at home-turn that music up!


On-line Safety Guidance for Parents

14th April 2020

Dear Parents/ Carers,

I am sure you are aware of how important it is to keep your child as safe when using online devices at home as it is when they are out and about outside and in school. I am in the process of updating the school's Safeguarding Policy to cover the new circumstances of school closure. I also wanted to make sure you were in receipt of information to know how to keep your child safe.

The following link provides clear information on important aspects of on-line usage for you to consider as well as resources and useful organisations to contact it you wish-

Things to consider are -

Parental settings on devices

Social media sites- children have to be 13 years to use these

Potential risks of using live-streaming sites such as video games

Please see the attached pdf too. This link, along with some activities you can do with your child regarding online safety will also be available on the school website under Remote Schooling.

Best wishes,

Sally Haiselden



26th March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope you have all taken some time this week to enjoy the sunshine.

I am sure it has been an interesting challenge for you to balance your work and shopping with childcare and doing your best to support continued learning for your child. The purpose of this email is to let you know how as a school we will continue with remote schooling.

Each week the class teachers will set tasks on Purple Mash, Numbots or Timestables Rock Stars. Tasks will include maths, English and science. Teachers can log on and see who in the class has completed what tasks and to nudge those who could do more. All of these tasks allow for pupils to work independently with the minimum of direction needed from parents.SEE BELOW FOR USEFUL WEBSITES

A suggested timetable you could follow is this (this is the same as we are following in school) However we do appreciate you are all juggling work, children and family life.

9-9.30 Joe Wickes workout

9.30-10.30 Maths


11-12 English – Purple Mash activities

12-1 lunch

1-1.30 reading together

1.30 -2 Science/Arts crafts/ creative writing not online, device free

2-2.15 – ACT ACTIVE

2.15-3 science/arts crafts not online

3-3.15 reflection time together-talk about successes of the day, challenges and worries


It would be healthy for the children not to be on a device all day. Attached is a list of some well-being and mindfulness activities you could do together, perhaps as part of a less structured afternoon.

It is important that despite the circumstances we all get the balance right for our children. Life is not normal at the moment so we cannot make our normal demands on our children. Perhaps the most important thing we can do is make them feel safe, secure and happy. To have a routine around learning, to get challenged, to try their best and know how well they have got on is important but in a way that suits you as a family. To provide this though will greatly help with the transition back into school.

To support your child’s learning and their well- being and to ensure they feel part of a school, their class teacher will be in touch by phone regularly to hear how everything is going. Further details to follow about this.

We’ve had some lovely letters, emails and photos from children at home. We turned the display board outside my office into a gallery of all of these. Keep them coming in! Someone will always reply.

So, Good Luck to all you Inquisitive Thinkers, Inspired Learners with Kind Hearts who always ACT ACTIVE and ACT OUT!!

Best wishes

Ms Haiselden



The LA Learning Together site has been set up specifically for this current situation and will be updated regularly.

This site includes many subjects but is particularly useful for covering the maths curriculum week by week.


Oxford Owls has a whole range of free resources, for example free e-books to download.

Really, really worth an explore. Another on line library for children with plenty of good reads is

primary has quizzes, games, videos for all areas of the curriculum.



The children are really keen on our Eco-schools agenda, which is part of a wider global initiative called the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our children are growing up with these goals and into life after them. Understanding them and acting upon them is part of my vision for the school and part of future curriculum planning. This could be a great time to learn more about them as a family. is worth taking a look at. Thomas the Tank Engine introduces the goals but the videos and questions for parents are suitable for all ages.