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Maths homework

This half term, we will be covering three units of work:

  1. Statistics: interpreting charts; comparing data and calculating sums and differences; line graphs
  2. Properties of shapes: comparing, ordering and identifying turns and angles in shapes; different types of triangles and quadrilaterals; horizonatal and vertical lines; lines of symmetry and completing symmetrical shapes and figures
  3. Position and direction: describing position; position on grids; movement on grids


In these units, we will will revise previous learning and deepen their understanding with reasoning and problem-solving challenges.

Children are encouraged to continue developing their fluency and speed with their times tables, including through Times Table Rockstars.


Below are at-home workbooks, which give examples of the types of questions we will explore in lessons. These can be completed at home at your child's own pace at a time that suits you