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School Family Support Worker 
Hello, I am Louise Saunders and I am the Family Support Worker here at Cherry Hinton C of E Primary School. I am at school for four days every week. You can see me before school in the playground on a Monday morning or make an appointment to see me during the school day at a time that is convenient to you.

Many children at some point in their school lives will have to cope with certain issues which may affect their ability to achieve in school. These may include:
*Coping with changes (such as starting school, moving house or school, a new baby in the family)
*Relationship difficulties 
*Separation, divorce or bereavement   

These can lead to poor attendance or problems while a child is at school. They can also have an effect on how a child behaves, how they feel or how they cope with day-to-day situations. It is here that the Family Support Worker can offer help and support, a listening ear or by directing you to other agencies should you need extra support.                               
If the school is concerned about your child’s attendance I may be asked to contact you to discuss the reasons for their absence or lateness and to make sure you receive any support you might need.

If you have any concerns, big or small, please don't sit and worry, come and see me so we can work together to find a solution to your worries.

During the year look out for:
*Stay and Play sessions
*Family Learning week
*Adult Learning Workshops
*Getting Ready for School workshop
*Having Fun Together workshop
*Parent/Carer workshops

                                               Come and see me at school
                                               Telephone (01223) 568834