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English homework and spellings

Writing Stimulus - The Sky Ladder

It wasn’t there when he had left the previous evening, but when Tim arrived that morning, there it was! Where had it come from? Where did it lead? There was only one way to find out. Slowly, step by step, Tim made his way up the ladder until …


Where does the ladder lead to?

Where has the ladder come from?

Does it lead up to the sky or down from the sky?

Who might come down the ladder?


Using the Alan Peat ___ ing, ___ ed  sentences, write some sentences to go with this picture.



Try writing the rest of the story. 

You could write chapters or try out a few different short stories.

What would the story sound like if told from the point of view of someone coming down the sky ladder?

Practise writing some Alan Peat sentences in your story: 3 __ed and ___ing, ___ed sentences.