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Painting story stones in class Friday 16th April

Extra English Task

The Wizard climbed out of his old, battered time machine. He was surprised by what he faced. He ran his fingers through his grey, fluffy beard and stared at the steps curiously in front of him. What was at the top? He began to walk up the icy steps cautiously and slowly. He was careful to hoist up his velvet, blue robes as he trod. The ice crunched under his feet with each step he took.


Write full sentences to answer the questions:

What do you think is at the top of the steps?

Why do you think the Wizard travelled through time to get there?

Can you find out what the word 'hoist' means?


Can you continue the story for when the Wizard discovers what is at the top of the steps? Include the Alan Peat Double ly adverbs in your sentence: