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Extra English Task

After all the months of preparation and building excitement the big day had finally arrived. In unison, the balloons all took off into the air, leaving the cheering crowd far below, gasping at the magnificent spectacle.

A difficult journey lay ahead, and surely not all of the balloons would make it, but they had to try – the prize of £1’000’000 for the first crew to make it around the world was a great incentive…


Write full sentences to answer the questions:

Find and copy two expanded noun phrases that you can find in the text.

Can you find out what the word 'unison' means?

Do you think all the balloons will complete the journey? What line from the text suggests that they might not?


For an extra challenge, write two more sentences to carry on the text. What happened on the 'difficult journey?' Try and include an Alan Peat paired conjunction: