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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Catch Up Premium Plan

Coronavirus (COVID-19) catch-up premium

How it is intended the grant will be spent

It is planned to follow a tiered approach.

  • Quality first teaching ensured by giving subject leaders release time to monitor their subjects, particularly as to how well gaps in the curriculum are being filled, the impact of this and next steps. Pupil voice will also be captured. The grant will cover the cost of supply.
  • Targeted academic support will focus on identified pupils, across Yrs1-6, including but not exclusively Pupil Premium who need support with their phonics and English and/or maths mental strategies and understanding of number facts. Writing has been identified as an area of the curriculum which was hardest to teach and monitor during the summer lockdown. Acquisition of number facts and mental strategies was already a school priority and targeted academic support will help catch up with this. The academic support will be through small group provision (up to 3 in a group) or 1:1 sessions.
  • Wider strategies to support the social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) of all and particular individuals. For example, school’s Family Support Worker (FSW) moving to full time to work 1:1 with identified pupils and also to run larger resilience groups with older pupils. Additionally, continued presence of Blue Smile in school. Well-being governor to work closely with school’s Mental Health First Aid Champion to document SEMH of school’s community and to monitor impact of any activities/ interventions to address this.

How the effect of the expenditure on academic attainment will be assessed

  • Quality first teaching – cohort and individual attainment and progress in foundation subjects will be recorded and monitored.
  • Targeted academic support- end of Autumn 2 assessments will be a baseline for maths, reading, writing and phonics. Other whole school initiatives in number facts, mental strategies and writing will also act as a baseline with teachers identifying specific fixes/steps for pupils to achieve. Many of these pupils have Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) already.
  • Wider strategies – Blue Smile interventions have before and after assessments built into the counselling/mentoring programmes. Well-being governor and staff member will present a sequence of snapshots on pupil SEMH. The interventions run with the school’s FSW have baselines built in too with individual targets. Throughout, pupil voice will be captured including views on their learning, how they learn and how school has helped and/or can help.  


(December 2020)